Green Card Veterans (GCV) council #5310 is a group of veterans, veteran families, Gold Star families and community allies actively volunteering to empower our communities to address systemic gaps associated with negative outcomes. We formed after becoming aware that an Army combat veteran from Chicago who fought in Afghanistan was being deported. We are veteran peer mentors who use our experience, training and education to inform our opinions as Subject Matter Experts on veteran issues; informing veteran-related policy recommendations at local and national levels.

Veterans recognized by the VA as having been injured in service to this country are being deported to countries as foreign to them as the battlefields they were once sent to on our behalf. Appropriate treatment for their conditions in those countries is typically non-existent; access to treatment and care for their disabilities by VA facilities is being denied by keeping veterans in exile outside US borders. Currently, no process exists for disabled veterans who have been deported to regain entry for treatment at VA facilities.

Operation Welcome Home will bring disabled veterans home for Veteran’s Day under a form of relief typically reserved for the direst circumstances: Humanitarian Parole.

  • LULAC National leadership, GCV members, veterans from across the country will assemble on the Mexico side of the Laredo Border Crossing.
  • 10 disabled veterans applying for relief will join our ranks and march across bridge in formation.
  • Veteran families and supporters will be staged on the US side of the border with American flags and “welcome home” signs; troops return to this from deployment. US Border checkpoint between veterans and their waiting families and supporters is where veterans’ requests for Humanitarian Parole will be approved or denied.

Ways You Could Help:

  • Become a Green Card Veteran council member: attend a meeting, fill-out application; $55 annual dues.
    • Opportunity to utilize your knowledge skills and abilities to create innovative ways to empower our local communities.
    • Grow your network of people who are passionate about change.
  • Become a GCV SponsorFunds raised will be utilized to cover costs related to Operation Welcome Home (application processing fees, logistics, etc.).

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